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TOORA has developed and patented the revolutionary Center Lock Clamping System (CLCS) which is derived directly from the Formula One race cars. One wheel fits every type of car with the use of the appropriate adapter for each car. Each adapter is hub centric, has the proper offset and the bolt circle for a particular car. This is not an imitation center locking system and it is not a one wheel fits all gimmick. The MONOTOORA line of wheels are THE REAL THING and are approved by the stringent German TUV safety standard.

Monotoora T300 10 spoke wheels are available in the following sizes and finishes:

15x7 in Silver or Black
   $95.00    $510.00
15x7 in Chrome               $143.00    $700.00
16x7.5 in Silver or Black $110.00    $570.00
16x7.5 in Chrome            $158.00    $760.00
17x7.5 in Silver                $138.00    $680.00
17x7.5 in Chrome            $185.00    $870.00
17x8.5 in Silver                $138.00    $680.00
17x8.5 in Chrome            $185.00    $870.00

Mounting Kit: $130.00
Includes a set of adapters, Special Wrench and all the necessary hardware for the installation.

Monotoora T816 5 Star wheels are available in the following sizes and finishes:

17x8.5 in Silver                $158.00    $760.00
17x8.5 in Chrome            $205.00    $950.00

Price per wheel is in Blue.  Wheel Set Prices shown in Yellow includes a Set of 4 Wheels and the Mounting Kit.

The known advantages of Monotoora wheels:
1. Unique design. Since we are not confined with center distance of the 4 or 5 bolt pattern of any particular car, the center hub area of Monotoora wheels are comparatively a lot smaller, therefore affording us to make longer and narrower spokes. Note that our T300 wheels are the only evenly spaced 10 Spoke wheels available in the world and no other wheel can match this elegant long spoke style. The same is true for our T816 5 Star wheels where as you can see the center hub is relatively small with long spokes that get narrower as they reach the rim of the wheel, while other 5 Star wheels are the other way around with thicker spokes and large center sections.
2. Multi use application. With the use of car specific set of adapters you can use these wheels on almost any car, therefore when selling your car you don't have to also give up your wheels. Just give us a call we will provide you with another set of adapters for your new car.
3. Virtually theft proof. These wheels have a triple theft preventive system.
First, the Security Bolt uses a special key which means that removing it without the key would be either impossible or would result in damaging the Center Lock.
Second, the Center Lock uses a Special Wrench. Even if a thief is successful in taking out the Security Bolt, he will not be able to take the Center Lock off unless he walks around with a huge pipe wrench and a pipe to extend the arm of the pipe wrench in order to give himself the leverage to loosen the Center Lock. Removing the Center Lock with a pipe wrench will result in damaging not only the Center Lock but also the wheel itself.
Third, even if the thief were successful in taking the wheels off the car he would still need a new set of adapters in order to fit these wheels on his car. We do not sell adapters to anyone who has not bought wheels from us in the past and they have to prove that, therefore the thief is left with a set of damaged wheels that he can't use.
4. Gravity casting quality. Most companies make cast wheels using pressure casting system which speeds up the process of curing thus yielding higher production. However the big drawback of pressure casted wheels is that they are weaker and brittle therefore they are more damage prone. Our wheels are done the old fashion way, where we let nature i.e. gravity do its thing therefore the curing process is a lot longer however the end result is a much-much stronger wheel.
5. Ease of installation. Our Special Wrench is so easy to use that even a child can take these wheels off the car without any excessive force being applied. The telescopic arm of the wrench comes out a measured distance needed in order to give the leverage to easily tighten or loosen the Center Lock. On the other hand, the patented Center Lock Clamping System prevents you from over tightening the Center Lock and prevents it from freezing over time as so often happens to nuts and bolts on conventional wheels.

Installation Instructions:

1. Remove the original wheel and clean the hub surface with a steel brush or sand paper to ensure proper surface mounting between the adapter and the hub.
2. Mount the adapter using the nuts or bolts supplied with the kit the same way that you would mount a regular wheel.
3. Mount the tire and wheel on the spindle of the adapter making sure that the wheel is flush against the adapter all the way around.
4. Fasten the Center Lock to the spindle of the adapter by hand in counter clockwise direction as tight as you can.
5. Torque the Center Lock with the Special Wrench while the wheel is still of the ground, then lower it to the ground and torque the lock again with the Special Wrench.
6. Tighten the Security Bolt in the middle of the Center Lock in clockwise direction.
7. Install the TOORA cap.
8. After the first 2 miles lift the wheel of the ground and re-torque it with the Special Wrench.

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