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Our suggestions for universal wings listed below should be looked upon only as a guide therefore under no circumstances Erebuni guarantees that a particular universal wing will fit your car. It is up to you to determine whether a particular wing will fit your car or not. You should be prepared to do the necessary modifications in order to make the wing that you had chosen to fit your car. We recommend that you consult with your installer prior to making the purchase to determine whether he can do the job and how much he would charge you.

In order to determine which one of our universal wings will fit your car you need to take 2 measurements of your car. First, measure the width of your trunk where you plan to install the wing. Second, measure the width of your car from one end of the quarter panel to the other end. We provide you with 3 measurement of the wing in order for you determine whether that is the wing that you want. For example: 22", 45", 6". The first measurement is the "B" measurement, the second is the "L" measurement and the third is the "H" measurement. The first measurement and the most important is the bolt to bolt measurement of the wing which we call "B" measurement. This is the distance between one mounting bolt of the wing to the other mounting bolt. Your trunk's width has to be more than the wing's "B" measurement in order for you to be able to mount the wing on your trunk. In other words, if your trunk width is 45 inches then the wing's "B" measurement should be 44 inches or less. "B" measurement which is a combination of 2 numbers such as 38/45 means that the inner pedestal bolt measurement is 38" while the outer bolt measurement is 45" or the pedestals are adjustable therefore you can have a choice of either measurement.
The second measurement that we give you is the "L" measurement which is the total length of the wing from one end to the other. This measurement is not needed for mounting purposes unless it is a wing with overhanging sides. Generally, the "L" measurement should be more or less the same as the width of the rear of your car from one end of the quarter panel to the other. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule based on personal preferences . When the "L" measurement is larger then the width of your car then the wing will stick out from the side of the car. For example, if the "L" measurement is 56 inches and your car width is 50 inches then the wing will stick out 3 inches on each side of the car. For wings which have pedestals which are shorter then the overhanging sides such as the Touring Style wings we supply you with 2 "L" measurement such as 48/52. The smaller measurement is the inside span of the overhangs, while the larger measurement is the total length of the wing. The inside span measurement is the more important measurement because it gives you the measurement that the wing has to clear before heating your quarter panels. The width of the car from one quarter panel to the other must be at least 1 inch less than the smaller measurement of "L"
The third measurement that we give you is the "H" measurement which is the height of the wing. This measurement has no bearing on the installation or fitment of the wing and it is purely for your purposes to determine how high of a wing you want. Adjustable wings have 2 measurements for the "H" such as 7/10 depending on the adjustment level.
There are many other factors that come into play when installing a universal wing. For example the position and the angle of the pedestals or the curvature of your trunk may require you to do some modifications to the pedestals or the wing itself in order to make it fit your car. To help you detect one of such problems, we have marked "PNF" under the notes column for the wings that have Pedestals which are Not Flat, which means that those wings have pedestals which do not sit flush on a flat surface. They may either have an inward or outward angle or some other odd shape. This PNF listing can be found on the "Listed by Styles", "Listed by Part Number" and "Listed by Measurement" pages.


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