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Alfa T610 is avaiable for 5 bolt patten vehicles in 17x7.5 size only with a choice of either silver paint finish or triple chrome plated mirror like finish. The center covers are available in anthracite, yellow, red or chrome finish. Silver painted wheel is $113.00 and Chrome finish wheel is $160.00 each. To check for specific application or to place an order please call Toll Free 800-624-0040.

Cars with Alfa T610 Turbo Fan wheels.

Acura Legend
Alfa Romeo
BMW 3 Series E36
Lexus ES300
Mazda MX6
Mercedes Benz SL W129 Body
Toyota MR2
Volkswagen Corrado
Volkswagen Jetta III

Erebuni Ads with Alfa T610 Turbo Fan wheels.

Alfa T610 general
Alfa T610 with Acura Legend
Alfa T610 with BMW 3 Series E36
Alfa wiht Mazda MX6
Alfa T610 with Volkswagen Corrado

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